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In this section you will find information about:


Special collaborations section includes any activities we have done for a specific purpose in collaboration with schools and other institutions. In this section you will see pictures made to be exposed, mural projects for the implementation of mosaics and all that we proposed and is in line with our objectives.

Designs and posters

This is where all those jobs that we have been responsible for communications of all kinds. From text book covers to posters of events that Violet has been invited to participate.


Sometimes we get our original walk to see the world. In this section, you will see reflected the opinions of when and where it happened.

Newspapers and magazines

Journals also have done some manual intervention to accompany one or more of your articles or reports.


Finally in this section, you can see how Violet poses some of their workshops so that all those who do not know, you can have an accurate idea of what it can offer in their encounters with children and parents, teachers and people interested in literature and art.