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Quiero esa manzana
Author: Violeta Monreal
Illustrator: Violeta Monreal
Ages: From 5 to 9 years old
Publisher: Amigos de Papel
Publication Year: 2019
ISBN: 978-84-948-0854-8

I want that apple


Format: 25 x 23 cm.

Binding: Hardback

Pages: 36



Martín and his little sister, Tania, spend their days fighting. These two little elves, who argue for everything, want to reach an apple that is very high in a tree. In this book we will see how differently each of them tries. Who will get it? A story of apples, of sprites without a hat, of brothers, of sitting and wait, of watching ... A book with a fun final page that will teach you to draw with circles, because ... YES, YOU CAN.

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