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La mancha de Paul Klee quiere ser pirata
Author: Violeta Monreal
Illustrator: Violeta Monreal
Ages: From 4 to 7 years old
Collection: Arte Travieso
Publisher: Santillana
Publication Year: 2016
ISBN: 978-84-9122-166-1

The stain of Paul Klee wants to be pirate

Format: 22 x 22 cm.

Binding: Paperback

Pages: 32


Paul Klee stain wants to be a pirate to travel to the wishing tree and ask him something very important. Parts of the picture by Paul Klee help her to get it, but there are missing things !, They’ll have to ask for help from other paintings by other painters. Will she make her dream come true.


PlayfulArt collection aims to make children and adults enjoy the art that is as important as learning to read and enjoy reading. The sooner we lose fear to face with a work before we’ll enjoy it. and we will see it as a useful tool for developing creative and imaginative minds. 


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