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- Colección El jardin del arte

With a familiar language and with the help of a couple of friendly current characters, GARDEN ART collection features a number of artists, their works and their values. By its structure, allowing non-linear navigation through its pages, we will contact with the art world through the following objectives:

• To promote creativity of children.
• To enrich the palette of expressive resources using the technique of torn paper created by Violeta Monreal.
• To educate in ethic attending to some artists' human qualities.
• Get the kids come to the works of art without fear and with spontaneity.
• To strengthen the emotional education in Early Childhood Education through creative resources.
• To encourage an atmosphere of freedom by creating.
• To promote conversations from the analysis of the works of art discussed in the books in the collection.

All books in this collection are divided in three sections:
Six things you may like to know. Explaining six important characteristics of the painting or each artist, which will help every child to empathize with him or her.
Art workshop. Explanations step by step about how to build one of the most iconic paintings of the artist thrugh Violeta’s torn paper technique.
Data that may interest you. Where child can learn some details from the biography of the artist or the curious historical events that occurred during his life.

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