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– Colección Cosas de un cole
Author: Violeta Monreal
Illustrator: Violeta Monreal
Ages: From 3 to 6 years old
Collection: Cosas de un cole
Publisher: Laberinto
Publication Year: 2022


This collection explores the experiences of school-age boys and girls, deepening on their way of understanding reality. And it does so by promoting a positive attitude, the self-confidence, understanding and empathy. This collection consists of four series.

SCHOOLS OF TODAY. In which we will read stories about schools in today’s world.

SCHOOLS OF TOMORROW. In which we imagine what schools will be like in the future.

SCHOOLS OF YESTERDAY. Here we will imagine what schools were like in prehistory, in ancient Egypt, in imperial Rome, in the Middle Ages...

FANTASY SCHOOLS. In which we will meet characters from the magical world: superheroes, mermaids, monsters, ghosts, zombies. And also literary characters.

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