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Violeta Monreal was born in Oviedo. After she graduated in Fine Arts, began his career as an illustrator. He traveled to New York where she helped to U.N. in the illustration of various projects and also designed some tarot decks.

Since then, her books are continuously published in major Spanish publishers, more than a hundred have been written by herself.


Many of her books have been published also in the U.S., Japan, Korea, France, Portugal, Italy, Greece and in several Latin American countries.

Along with her work as an illustrator and author of children stories, Violeta also works as lecturer and specialist in children's drawing. Specialized institutions, local authorities and schools, as well as several publishing houses, have repeatedly invited her to participate in different lecture series and to coordinate practical and theoretical workshops promoting creativity of teachers and students in Spain and another countries.

In addition, she imagines and creates publishing projects in her studio coordinating text and images to create collections of books in collaboration with different publishers.

Her style and technique, especially the collages, are easily recognizable, and gives her work a genuine personality that resists comparisons.

Violeta has fairy hands and heart of a child. Thats  why she has such an empathy with the kids, who listen spellbound by her unique world of fantasy. Goblins, witches and dragons come out of her suitcase and with her hands she creates an amazing display of imagination and skill.


Finalist in CCEI Best Illustrations Contest 2001 with THE WEDDING OF BOATSFUL MOUSE.

Honor List in CCEI Best Illustrations Contest 2002 with MISSION ON EARTH.



Honor List in CCEI Best Illustrations Contest 2003 with LOOKS LIKE GOLD.

CCEI Ilustration Award 2011 with 16 VERY, VERY IMPORTANT PAINTERS.

My name is Violet, I always liked that name. When I'm in the studio, my mind is usually somewhere else, at an autumn forest, in a golden desert or a mysterious castle... People say I am "in the clouds" although, I'm really working a lot. To put myself in what it wants to work and create a story requires a great effort, but thanks to this effort, when I have to go through a forest, cross a desert or open a mysterious castle, I know what I'm going to find because I have seen them in my head, and I feel like drawing it.