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Pamela Panamá contra la bruja descalza
Author: Violeta Monreal
Illustrator: Violeta Monreal
Ages: From 9 to 11 years old
Collection: Pamela Panamá (serie)
Publisher: Anaya
Publication Year: 2006
ISBN: 978-84-667-5208-4

Pamela Panamá Against The Barefooted Witch 

5th edition: January, 2011 

Duende Verde Series 147

Format: 12,50 x 19,00 cm.
Binding: Paperback

Pages: 128 pages


In the first book of this trilogy Pamela Panama No Longer Believes in Fairy Tales Papahígo, Pamela’s grandfather, gives three magic bottles to his granddaughter: One blue, another yellow and red the third one. With the blue little bottle, Pamela Panama knew the kingdom of Jipi-Japa, where she helped her friend Salacot facing the wicked witch Caperuza... In Pamela Panamá Against the Barefooted Witch, Papahígo gives to Pamela Panama a pair of precious boots for her new birthday. While, there begins to be prepared the terrible revenge of the witch Caperuza, the kingdom of Jipi-Japa returns to be in danger. Pamela's boots direct her steps again to the kingdom, this time in company of her friend Andres. In this new adventure, Pamela Panama will have to distinguish between the real thing and the false to save all her friends.

Pamela Panamá is a series of three books, up to the moment, that reflect the conflict that is given when there comes the age in which the infancy opens way to the adolescence and the doubts come. By entertaining adventures in which there are mixed both, real and imaginary worlds, Pamela Panama and his friends will know the commitment with the others across the human relations, as well as the overcoming of the own fears.

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