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Torn paper is a collection of 8 books, each one with a tale based on the colours of the rainbow plus black and white. There will also be an activity guide to use in the classroom. The distinguishing feature of this project is the creation of drawings based on torn papers technique. Through this technique guidance is given to people who not only want to read the book but who want to work with it in the classroom or at home. Torn paper tears away the concept of perfection and admits the role of chance that, due to the technique, is what enhances the final visual result. Thus children using these techniques get very showy results providing a satisfactory alternative to the traditional way of work consisting on painting and erasing. The design is clean and no lines are drawn, the drawing is made tearing the papers on solid colored backgrounds. You can see some pages of the resource guide on the images below and download a PDF version at the link in the box on the right.

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