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- Colección ¿Qué sientes?









Naming what we feel is a way of getting to know oneself and, therefore, a way to mature. Reading the titles in this collection, deeply reviewed by a team of children psicologues, parents and teachers will have useful tools to talk to their children and them identifying themselves with some of the characters, so they begin to overcome some aspects of their feelings which may become counterproductive behaviour. Also, each tale is a funny story which the children will enjoy reading from the beginning to the end. Each book describes the feeling and its opposite. Afterwards, a story is told: it begins in the real world, it follows in a world of fantasy where it lays an answer to the problems of the main carácter and, finally, it goes back to the real world where the conflicto is solved. In the last page you will find a funny recipie to overcome negative feelings.

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